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Platform Papers is a monthly blog about platform competition and Big Tech.

Blogposts are written by prominent scholars based on their research. The blog is linked to platformpapers.com, an online repository that collects and organizes academic research on platform competition. Papers included in the Platform Papers references dashboard are eligible to be invited for the blog. The blog aims to cover research on relevant topics (e.g., platform strategy, learning from data, differentiation, disintermediation, globalization, governance, antitrust interventions, etc.) targeted at an audience of professionals with a general interest in platforms and Big Tech.

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The Platform Papers Substack is part of a broader … platform (ha ha!) that aims to organize the academic research on platform competition in the fields of economics, information systems, management, and marketing, and make it more accessible.

Other resources include:

  • The platformpapers.com website, which collects and organizes academic papers about platform competition. It features a references dashboard including more than 500 academic papers published on platforms.

  • An academic review article (open access) on platform competition. The paper ‘Platform Competition: A Systematic and Interdisciplinary Review of the Literature’ (co-authored by Joost Rietveld and Melissa Schilling) offers a systematic and interdisciplinary review of the literature on platform competition by analyzing 333 articles published between 1985 and 2019.

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Platform Papers is curated and maintained by Joost Rietveld.

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Research-based blog about big tech, platform competition, e-commerce, ecosystems, strategy, and algorithmic and decentralized governance. #platformpapers